Hydraulic shaping machine BY60100C

Hydraulic Shaping Machine BY60100C


The machine is used in shaping a variety of plane & forming plane, and it is suitable for single and small batch production.
Heat treatment techniques such as tempering, vibration aging, induction quenching and so on adopted on key parts like bed enable more stable accuracy and longer working life.
Main cutting movement and feeding movement are realized hydraulically, which is infinitely variable, and is with hydraulic overload protection device. So advantages as smooth turning, little overrun flexible & reliable start/stop, high rigidity, strong cutting force, high reversion precision, low oil temperature, little thermal deformation and stable precision could apply to continuous strong cutting work.
The table moves rapidly in both horizontal and vertical direction, the tool post is with auto tool lifter, the handles collect, so the machine is with easy operation & advanced automation.


Models BYBY60100C
Max.shaping length 1000 mm
Cutting speed of ram(stepless) 3-44 m/min
Distance from lower edge of ram to upper table surface 80-400 mm
Max.cutting force 28000 N
Max.travel of tool post 160 mm
Max.sectional area of tool(W x H) 30 x 45 mm
Size of upper table surface (L x W) 1000 x 500 mm
T-slot width of upper table surface 22 mm
Max.horizontal travel of table 800 mm
Horizontal table feed(per reciorocating stroke of ram, stepless) 0.25-5 mm
Main motor 7.5 kw
Motor for rapid table movement 0.75 kw
Overall dimensions(L x W x H) 3615 x 1574 x 1760 mm
Net weight(approx.) 4200 kg










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